0-Time: PUSH*,The 2012 Trilogy III

by Peter Galarneau Jr.
Published: December 21, 2010
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The End Begins

Sensationalism. Everybody wants it. Unfortunately, there are plenty of pushers that would happily trade life for lies just for one opportunity to control the masses.

And Michael Arden is not going to let that happen...

As an investigative video journalist and documentarian, Arden has stumbled onto the dark secrets of a new recreational drug that programs euphoria into the minds of its users. The pharmaceutical company Phoenix International is to blame but Arden may not have enough time to reveal the hidden truth on Fox News Morning.

The third volume in The 2012 Trilogy is, itself, a trilogy.
0-TIME: PUSH* (Part I of the third volume) is set one year after the heroic encounters near El Castillo in the historic Mayan ruins of Tulum.

Enjoy PUSH* as a novella that stands alone. Read it now without prior 2012 Trilogy knowledge or...

Continue your journey that began with a car chase on a dark Kansas road in 2007.

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Foreword: The 2012 Trilogy
Foreword: 0-Time

Print Edition Includes Exclusive Bonus ContentThe Edge of Hell

The Edge of Hell

Reprinted for the first time: Galarneau Jr.’s 1994 Novella
“There are no oceans in the Arizona desert but there is the Salt River. And there is the kickback, drink suds, and scorch-your-body-all-day activity known as tubing the Salt. This was my inspiration for writing ‘The Edge of Hell.’ The story provided me a way to relive some of the best times of my life while twisting that fun into a horrific tale. I've never tubed the Salt at night, but - just perhaps - the adventure could unwind something like this...”

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